We provide a range of services tailored to suit your needs

Property Maintenance


Day-to-Day Services and Repairs

We manage, liaise with and pay bills for your regular suppliers (ranging from gardeners, electricians, cleaners, water authorities, lift contractors, and so on). 

We also arrange any additional services required from time to time with your regular suppliers or if appropriate from other approved contractors (such as health and safety contractors, fencing repair specialists, etc).

We liaise with your “Nominated Director”  to co-ordinate repairs and maintenance work to your satisfaction.  We obtain at least two quotations for any repair or other services to your instructions.

We try to minimise all of your suppliers costs without compromising on the quality of work that you require.   We negotiate on your behalf to keep such costs down wherever possible.

Your Existing Suppliers

If you are satisfied with your current supplier we will introduce ourselves to them when we commence acting for you and the service will continue as normal.  Alternatively, at your request, we will source quotations from our database of selected contractors for your approval or from any supplier you specifically request.

We do not follow industry practice of charging suppliers to be on our database and we do not accept financial inducements from contractors.  We simply expect reliable and quality work from our contractors at the best price for our clients.


Major Works

From time to time all property requires major work to ensure that both safety and cosmetic standards are maintained.  Such work will also  protect the value of your investment.  We will organise :

  • Specification for the works
  • Specific quotations from Contractors
  • Financial Planning
  • Landlord and Tenant Legislation Notices to Flatowners
  • Contracts


Health & Safety / Fire Risk Assessments

There are certain assessments which are required by law.  We source quotations for your approval and arrange for these inspections to be  undertaken.  Once we receive an Inspection Report we contact your  Nominated Director with advice and quotations for any remedial actions required. 

Electrical Installation test 

As with Health & Safety this test is mandatory and must be carried out on a regular basis.  We advise when this is due, obtain quotations and  report any adverse findings.  If works are needed we obtain quotations for presentation to your Directors.



We assess which mandatory signs are required and if any are needed supply them at cost price.



Bank Accounts - We manage service charge funds within separate Bank Accounts in your property company’s name (where possible).

Bank Operation  - Checking and paying suppliers’ bills and other authorised payments from the account. Any bills, other than the usual day-to-day bills, are only paid with prior approval of your Nominated Director.

Expert Planning - We advise your Directors on requirements for proposed works and long-term funding.

Service Charge Invoicing and Collection  - We raise all service charge invoices, monitor payments received and chase arrears. Your Nominated Director is advised of any problems on flat-owner arrears and we guide on options for recovery.

All transaction processing and related work provided by Accountancy Fellowship Ltd as required at no extra cost.


Service Charges

We  raise service charge (and ground rent if applicable) invoices as they become due.  We send statements to leaseholders in arrears and where necessary arrange to recover these arrears.


We obtain quotations at renewal for buildings, terrorism and directors insurance as required by you.  Using our negotiation skills and trade  contacts we provide competitive choices to your Nominated Director.



We liaise with your Nominated Director to arrange the Annual General Meeting of the company.   We contact all the relevant parties advising them of the meeting and preparing and distributing the agenda.  After the meeting we complete the minutes.

Conveyancing Reports

We promptly complete the comprehensive conveyancing questionnaires received from solicitors when a flat changes ownership to assist with a smooth exchange of property.  This work also includes registration of legal notices and the issue of new share certificates where applicable.


Internal Flat Works

If a flat-owner would like to undertake renovations within their flat we advise and liaise with them to ensure proper procedures are followed.  We obtain confirmation that their contractor has the appropriate  insurance, that works will not have a detrimental effect on the building and ensure minimal disruption to others.

Dealing with Day-to-Day Problems

Unfortunately no building is immune from problems.  We arrange for any emergencies to be dealt with as quickly and as hassle-free as possible.  We also deal with any non-emergency occurrences in a efficient and professional manner.


Regular Site Inspections

In order to manage a building you need to know it.  We conduct regular site inspections for each property we manage and report back any findings to the Nominated Director.  Where repairs are needed we source quotations and present these to your Nominated Director for approval.

Legislation and Financials


Legislation is constantly changing and it is imperative to keep up to date.

We regularly review your property, enabling us to ensure that legislation is adhered to. 

The regulations can be very confusing, but we can explain what needs to be done and why.  

There is much legislation relating to property management, including : 

  •  Service Charge Regulations under Landlord and Tenant Legislation
  • Major Works Expenditure Rules under Landlord and Tenant Legislation
  • Health & Safety Regulations
  • Electrical Installations Regulations
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Law of Contract Issues
  • Operation of Lease and Company Internal Rules
  • Companies Acts Requirements
  • Statutory Accounts Rules
  • Meetings Formalities
  • Directors’ Legal Obligations and Liabilities
  • Trust’ Rules Governing Service Charges Funds and Assets
  • Planning Permission Regulations
  • Tree Preservations Orders and Rules


Maintenance of accurate up-to-date records on a full professional accounting program. This allows provision to your Directors of full Financial Information as required. This useful feature is unique amongst managing agents.  This also includes a full itemised bookkeeping analysis of all entries for the period, giving the Directors an unprecedented level of information to monitor service charge funds to any extent they require. 


Following our organisation of and attendance at the Annual General Meeting, minutes are prepared by us. We promptly provide a draft copy to your Nominated Director for approval. Once a final version is approved we will issue a copy of the minutes to each flat-owner.

Share Certificates

We will prepare and co-ordinate the issue of share certificates where applicable. This will include keeping the statutory books for the company up-to-date.

Confirmation Statement

We complete and file the company’s Confirmation Statement to the Registrar of  Companies. We also ensure the company’s details remain up-to-date throughout the year.

Directors’ Records

We arrange the documentation for appointment of new directors, ensuring a copy is filed with the Registrar of Companies.

Shareholder Records

Shareholder records are maintained and up-dated on changes of flat ownership. 

Guidance On Procedures

Expert advice is available to directors on the procedures and regulations governing shareholder and directors meetings. This includes interpretation of the company’s internal rules as defined in the Articles of Association.