Why Choose Us


You do not have to stay with an agent that is not living up to the promises made to you when they were appointed.  We limit the amount of blocks we accept as clients so that we can maintain the high level of service we  have set ourselves and ensure each property is given the proper attention needed.

 Changing agent is easy for you.  We can explain what is involved and we will deal with all the Paperwork for you. 



No more problems having to find volunteers to do all the work and no unfair burden on any one flat-owner.  

No day to day hassle with bill payments, suppliers and service charge disputes.


There are many reasons why Directors choose a managing agent.  It is very important to choose an agent you feel comfortable with and who offers the method and quality of  service you require.  Below are just a few of the reasons why people choose to appoint Flat Management Limited, and why they stay with us:

> We are easily contactable; We call back quickly if not immediately available;  We act promptly;  We are reliable and friendly; 

> We give you flexibility.  We are not dictatorial!  Of course we can make all  decisions if you wish, but otherwise we specifically manage to your Directors’ instructions, where legally permissable.

> We provide expert advice covering: Property Maintenance; Service Charge Issues; Landlord & Tenant Legislation; Insurance Cover and Claims; Financial  Planning; Budgeting; Company law; etc.

> Our fees are inclusive. We pride ourselves on no hidden extras. You would be amazed how many sly extras other agents charge!  See our analysis of Cost Savings


> There is NO VAT to add to our annual Management Fee.

> We will take appointment as the company secretary and exercise all the statutory duties of such office.  There is NO annual Secretarial Charge.

> We will attend Meetings out of normal office hours where appropriate.  We provide a mobile telephone number for emergency assistance.

> We maintain a continued history trail of organised information.

> Our specialty lies within managing smaller blocks.

> The effort we make to Properly Care for our Clients requires a Large Investment of our Time. So we do not want to lose a client - the onus is on us to care for you and your Property!

> Peace of Mind.


Flat Management Limited operates on an inclusive pricing structure.  As a company we pride ourselves on having no hidden extras.

A typical agent in the local area would charge a similar amount to Flat Management Ltd, BUT add HIDDEN EXTRAS.  How many Flat-owners realise they can be paying all these charges, which could be saved with Flat Management Limited? 



1) VAT on Annual Management Fee    (VAT saved at 20%) 

2) Secretarial / Annual Confirmation Statement Preparation

 (Around £300)

3) Internal Redecoration arrangement fee  (Up to 10% of the cost)

4) External Redecoration arrangement fee  (Up to 10% of the cost)

Adding all these Flat Management Savings together will significantly reduce the service charge  contribution needed from each flat-owner.

Flat Management Ltd can save you significant costs without compromising on quality of works and with an improved service to your block. 

All the above subject to our fair use policy.