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Cost saving Example

Flat Management Limited operate on an ALL inclusive pricing structure.As a company we pride ourselves on having no hidden extras.

A typical agent in the local area would charge a similar amount to Flat Management Ltd, BUT add HIDDEN EXTRAS.  How many Flat-owners realise they can be paying all these charges, which could be saved with Flat Management Limited?

Flat Management Limited

Flat Management Ltd can save you significant costs without compromising on quality of works and with an improved service to your block.

All the above subject to our fair use policy.

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1) VAT on Annual Management Fee    (VAT saved at 20%)

2) Secretarial / Annual Return Preparation    (Around £150 + VAT)

3) Annual Accounts  (Around £300 +VAT)

4) Conveyancing and Document Registration Fees 

                       (If a flat is sold in the year £250)

5) Internal Redecoration arrangement fee  (Up to 10% of the cost)

6) External Redecoration arrangement fee  (Up to 10% of the cost)

Adding all these Flat Management Savings together will significantly reduce the service charge contribution needed from each flat-owner.