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Property Maintenance  


     Property maintenance falls into two categories:
     >  Day-to-day repairs and on-going services
     >  Major Renovations


    Day-to-Day Services and Repairs

We manage, liaise with and pay bills for your regular suppliers (ranging from gardeners, electricians, cleaners, water authorities, lift contractors, and so on).

We also arrange any additional services required from time to time with your regular suppliers or if appropriate from other approved contractors (such as health and safety contractors, fencing repair specialists, etc).

We liaise with your “Nominated Director” to co-ordinate repairs and maintenance work to your satisfaction.  We obtain at least two quotations for any repair or other services to your instructions.

We try to minimise all of your suppliers costs without compromising on the quality of work that you require.   We negotiate on your behalf to keep such costs down wherever possible.

    Your Existing Suppliers
If you are satisfied with your current supplier we will introduce ourselves to them when we commence acting for you and the service will continue as normal.  Alternatively, at your request, we will source quotations from our database of selected contractors for your approval or from any supplier you specifically request.

We do not follow industry practice of charging suppliers to be on our database and we do not accept financial inducements from contractors.   We simply expect reliable and quality work from our contractors at the best price for our clients


From time to time all property requires major work to ensure that both safety and cosmetic standards are maintained.  Such work will also protect the value of your investment.  We will organise :

Specification for the works

Specific quotations from contractors

Financial Planning

Landlord and Tenant Legislation Notices to Flatowners


Oversee the project in liason with your Nominated Director  

Flat Management Limited