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Legislation is constantly changing and it is imperative to keep up to date.

We regularly review your property, enabling us to ensure that legislation is adhered to.


The regulations can be very confusing, but we can explain what needs to be done and why.


There is much legislation relating to property management, including :


Service Charge Regulations under Landlord and Tenant Legislation

Major Works Expenditure Rules under Landlord and Tenant Legislation

Health & Safety Regulations

Electrical Installations Regulations

Insurance Requirements

Law of Contract Issues

Operation of Lease and Company Internal Rules

Companies Acts Requirements

Statutory Accounts Rules

Meetings Formalities

Directors’ Legal Obligations and Liabilities

‘Trust’ Rules Governing Service Charges Funds and Assets

Planning Permission Regulations

 Tree Preservations Orders and Rules  


We will take appointment as the company secretary and exercise all the statutory duties of such office - (This is included in our annual fee).

Flat Management Limited