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Nominated Director


Although we deal with virtually all management matters for you, the flat-owners will still need to nominate an on-site Director or Representative to liaise with us (Your ‘Nominated Director’).

Your Nominated Director will Authorise, on behalf of the Board of Directors and other Flat-Owners, various actions we need to take or irregular payments we need to make.   In addition, we will require notification from your Nominated Director when day-to-day problems arise on-site that we need to deal with (for example: the door auto-closer is malfunctioning).

If your Nominated Director wishes to undertake further minor tasks, such as changing light bulbs or adjusting light timings then we can work with them to save suppliers costs. Such extra duties are purely voluntary, but we find many small blocks have retired residents who enjoy minor duties and who relish the savings they can make to the service charges.

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